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The benefits of Xero cloud accounting

Xero cloud accounting software makes running your small business’ accounts simpler, faster and more efficient. And it’s come as no surprise why Xero is the number one small business accounting package in Australia. Xero brings an improved value to your financial management, and a better way to work with your small business accountant.

So here are our 5 key reasons why Xero is the right fit for your small business.

See Your Business Numbers In Real Time

Xero’s offers real-time information – giving you a view of your key numbers that’s current and based on all your most recent transactions.

  • Your key numbers in one place – the Xero Dashboard gives you a completely current view of your bank balance, Xero balance, cash in and out and all your outstanding bills and invoices as they stand right now.
  • A live view of your bank balance – your bank feed links directly to your business accounts, showing you all incoming and outgoing transactions as they’re processed.
  • Send invoices online – there’s no need for paper invoices. Process an invoice, email it straight to the customer and see the transaction pulled straight into your books.
  • Automated bookkeeping – smart-scanning Xero Add-Ons, like Receipt Bank, automatically pull your receipts, bills and expenses straight into your Xero data.
  • Real-time reporting – when you pull of a cash report, or a profit and loss statement, the numbers you see truly reflect the current position of the business

Get Mobile Access To Your Business Information

Xero’s data is stored securely in the cloud. You can use Xero through your web browser or mobile app, not through a local application on your hard drive, so you can work wherever you want.

See your key numbers wherever you are – Xero gives you access from anywhere, at any time. If you need those numbers fast, they’re always available.
Have a mobile view of your business – with mobile access to your numbers, you’re no longer tied to the office. Log in and get an instant overview of the health of the business.
Use your time more effectively – having Xero with you at all times makes you more efficient. Send invoices, check your cash balance or chase up an outstanding payment.
An easier way to collaborate – your numbers are in the cloud, so you can invite your advisers into Xero and talk through any issues with all the information in front of you.

Simplify How You Run Your Accounts

Xero was designed to be used by small business owners. It’s aim is to simplify the process of doing your financial administration and tax returns and to then make it as easy as possible to pull off the reporting and information you need to run your business.

Get a view of your numbers that makes sense – Xero is designed to be easy to use, so there’s none of the usual jargon and technical complexity that can be so bemusing.
Only see the numbers you need – Xero has the drilled-down details of your accounts if you need it. But the default view you get is simple and straightforward.
Understand your basic numbers – there’s no need to be an accounting expert. With minimal training, you can very quickly understand your important business information.
Focus on a clear business dashboard – with the Xero Dashboard, theres no scrolling through pages of reporting to see how the business is doing. All the basics are there.

Have A System That’s Always Up-To-Date And Compliant

When you’re running a desktop system, you’re always held back by the fact that your data and your application are both on a local hard drive. It’s means there’s an ever-present need to back up your data each day, and any updates to the software have to be bought and uploaded if you want to make sure you’re always using the latest version of the software.

With Xero, your data’s stored in the cloud on safely encrypted servers – there’s not a local drive in sight. And this has all sorts of advantages for the running of your business systems.

Remove the need for back-ups – with your data in the cloud, there’s no need to worry about corrupted drives or computers being stolen. Everything is automatically saved.
Always use the latest version – you log into Xero online, so you’re always using the latest version of the software. There’s no need for updates and no disruptive downtime.
Stay compliant at all times – because you’re always using the latest software, any changes to tax rates, or compliance legislation, are carried out automatically.
No worries about version conflicts – when you’re using cloud-based software, you and your advisers are always using the same version – meaning no nasty conflicts!

Feel The Benefits Of A New Way To Run Your Business

Moving to Xero has the potential to revolutionise the efficiency of your company. But it’s also an amazing collaboration tool that helps you get more from your relationship with an accountant. At Taxgain, we’ve seen the difference that having Xero as a financial platform can have. It’s not just an ‘accounting package’ to us: it’s a whole new way for our team to work with you, guide you and give you the practical advice you need to help grow your business.
We all see the same information – you and your Taxgain account team all have instant access to your numbers in Xero. So we’re always on hand to explain a query, suggest a solution or help you make those big business decisions.
We’ll get you up and running fast – as an Xero bookkeeping consultant in Sydney the Taxgain team know Xero inside out, so we’ll have you trained and using Xero in no time.

We’ll show you the basics of bookkeeping and financial admin and will streamline your processes to give you back your business time.
There’s a whole bundle of free training – if you want to dive deeper into Xero, there’s a huge choice of educational materials, including Xero University, Xero TV and free training, all of which help you to get real value from your accounting.
You get the key numbers you need – with the Xero Dashboard, the onboard reporting and the support of Taxgain you’ve always got access to the important business information you need – at any time, as and when required.
Xero gives a deeper insight into your business – with Xero in place, we can start mining your business data to deliver real insights into your processes, your key drivers and the underlying model behind your business.

Talk To Taxgain About Converting To Xero From Another Accounting System

If you’re still running your accounts from a desktop package, now’s the time to make the move to a more effective cloud-based solution. Converting your accounts to Xero is easy.

Xero doesn’t just make your financial management more efficient. It’s a software platform that lets us help you analyse, improve and evolve your business model and the long-term profitability of your company. The Taxgain team can walk you through the benefits of Xero and show you just how easy it is to move your existing systems across to Xero accounting platform. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]