Guest post by GeoOp More time thanks to GeoOp? What will you do with all ..

Guest post by GeoOp

More time thanks to GeoOp? What will you do with all that time? Surely this is a good problem.

We had our customers think about how things were Before GeoOp…BG if you like. They calculate that they now save, on average, over 105 minutes a day, per person. They avoid missing 4 jobs a month and now enjoy getting paid 8 days faster.

So, now you have your life back, what do you do with all that spare time?

The opportunities are endless, but we like the idea of getting back to the original purpose of starting a business – to grow. Here’s how:

Take your industry pulse – Your industry and your target market are constantly changing. With your head down in work, you can miss new information and changes that you need to know about to keep your company competitive. Plug into local industry associations that you might not have had the time to be part of until now.

Set long term goals – Without all that admin time, you will be able get back to business. Now is the time to define where you want the business to be in one or two years time and how you plan to get there.

Analyse your competitors – Until now, its been hard work keeping up with what your competitors are doing that is different and understand what you can do to trump them.

Enhance your product – The services that you offer are your product, the people out in the field are your product, the end service and experience they deliver is your product. People are key to running a good company. Now that your time isn’t taken with daily admin, focus on making your good team a great one. Creating an A team can take time, which now you have.

Add additional products – There might be other services your clients have been asking for but you have not been able to provide. Now that you have the time, take a look into those areas that could increase your revenue.

Remove yourself from the business – Fire yourself, it might be a big step but if you have your business with all the tools and processes it needs. Your team and service are A-class then perhaps its time to step back and let the team run the business. You can always maintain a directorship over the business, but day to day you can step back. This means you can look at other opportunities wider than just your current business model.

Link up with a business mentor – As much as we already know, we can always learn more. A great way to do this is link up with a business mentor who has been in your shoes before, they can help guide you through growing your business and getting the most out of your time. There are plenty of organisations in all regions that offer no strings attached advice and mentoring (usually by successful semi-retired business men and women happy to lend advice)

Ultimately, GeoOp is about helping you manage your business more efficiently and giving you back to time to spend as you see fit. Of course there are a host of other options like spending time with family and friends, holidaying or spending time on those hobbies that have fallen by the wayside over the years.

GeoOp is complete job management all wrapped into a low cost, easy to use service with premium support. It’s wherever you and your team are and can be used on any device. For your free trial click here.
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