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Trust Tax Return From $349

Trust tax structure is very widely used in Australia to reduce tax bill and as an asset protection tool.

If planned properly Trust can save you a lot of money in tax legally.
We are specialist Trust tax return adviser in Sydney, we don’t believe in just preparing tax return but advice our client on various tax saving strategies we built over a long period of time.

As part of our Trust tax return service we have a pre-June 30 meeting with our clients and look at their individual situation including tax position of beneficiaries of the trust and advise them how to distribute profits in the trust which results in minimum tax payable by the family.

Rest assured we guarantee you maximum tax saving not by saying only but doing it for our hundreds of clients.

Key tax benefits under family trust

Trust as a tool for asset protection


Discretionary trusts have traditionally been very popular vehicles to hold assets away from a ‘highrisk’ individual. Trust property would be protected in the event that adiscretionary trust beneficiary found themselves in some kind of trouble (e.g., because they hadbecome bankrupt or were involved in a relationship breakdown).

It’s important to choose the right trusts and strategies that are suited for your specific needs and situation and to this end

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I’ve used Taxgain for all my taxation since moving to Sydney, and they have been more than helping in sorting out my returns and making the process easy and affordable. I have used them both for personal and company tax needs. Highly recommend if you want a quick, easy and friendly way to complete your tax obligations.


“I had so many issues with my previous accountant – blackmailed me and overcharging me just to hand over my files. Mahesh has patiently went through all my current accounting issues and assisted me with great patience. I feel he is a gentleman of complete integrity !  “


“Mahesh and the team at Taxgain were great in preparing my tax return. They are very responsive and the turnaround time from my enquiry to completion was excellent. I highly recommend Taxgain and will be using them again”

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